The Malice of Fortune

Publisher: Emblem Editions
"Captures the glorious and gritty details of Renaissance Italy in a propulsive story. Ennis has achieved a great accomplishment, historical fiction that places us right into the characters' present." -- Matthew Pearl, bestselling author of The Dante Club and The Technologists

     Now in paperback, the sweeping, intense historical thriller starring two of the great minds of history: Niccolò Machiavelli and Leonardo da Vinci that took the world by storm. Based on a real historical mystery, and involving serial murder and a gruesome cat and mouse game at the highest levels of the Church -- it was the era of the infamous Borgias -- The Malice of Fortune is a delicious treat for fans of Umberto Eco, Sarah Dunant, and Game of Thrones.


 • "A true masterpiece... Michael Ennis has poured the knowledge and wisdom of many lifetimes into the exquisite form of a mystery so dark, so labyrinthine. The Malice of Fortune is stunning, terrifying, and utterly mesmerizing. I can honestly say I never fully appreciated the genius of Machiavelli, or the savagery of the Borgias, until now." -- Ann Fortier, author of Juliet
 • "Fascinating . . . filled with extraordinary, well-realized historical characters and a plot that is engrossing and wickedly clever. . . kept me turning the pages to the very end." -- Douglas Preston, co-author of The Monster of Florence