The 44 Scotland Street Series

Bertie Plays the Blues

The New 44 Scotland Street Novel

Publisher: Vintage Canada

Domestic bliss seems in short supply at 44 Scotland Street. Over at the Pollocks, dad, Stuart, is harbouring a secret about a secret society and Bertie is feeling kind of blue. Having had enough of his neurotic hot-housing mother, he puts himself up for adoption on eBay. Will he go to the highest bidder or will he have to take matters into his own hands? Will the lovelorn Big Lou find true love on the Internet? And will Angus Lordie and Domenica make it up the aisle? Catch up with all your favourite faces down in 44 Scotland Street as we follow their daily pursuit of a little happiness.


"McCall Smith's intelligent writing, the simplicity even in the convoluted plots, his characters who are so endearing you just want to hug them, and the settings that might otherwise be ordinary but are made extraordinary by his writing, make any book by him wonderful. His books are beach books, they are airport books, they are summer and winter books, they are books that make you want to embrace life." The Globe and Mail

"To say McCall Smith is a literary phenomenon doesn't quite describe what has happened. He has become more of a movement, a worldwide club for the dissemination of gentle wisdom and good cheer. Letters pour in from people to say they have found his books inspiring, enlightening, amusing, comforting. They are read to the sick and the dying. They make a splash of colour in a drab world and provide a genial buffer against the disappointments of life." The Telegraph