The Corduroy Mansions Series

A Conspiracy of Friends

A Corduroy Mansions Novel

Publisher: Vintage Canada

It seems the universe is conspiring against the residents of Corduroy Mansions, as everyone finds themselves struggling with their nearest and dearest. Oedipus Snark is a Member of Parliament so loathsome even his mother can't abide him. As a matter of fact, Berthea Snark is still working on her scathing biography of her son--already 210 pages long, and that just covers his lamentable childhood. Meanwhile, the business rivalry is heating up between literary agents Rupert Porter and Barbara Ragg, still hoping to get the manuscript for Autobiography of a Yeti; fine arts graduate Caroline Jarvis is blurring the fine line between friendship and romance; Eddie French has found a new, wealthy girlfriend and his father, aspiring wine merchant William French, fears that he'll never get his Master of Wine certificate. Most importantly, William's faithful terrier, Freddie de la Hay--perhaps the only dog clever enough to have been recruited by MI6--disappears while on a mystery tour around the Suffolk countryside. Will Freddie find his way back to Pimlico? Is this the end of Corduroy Mansions? Readers will be captivated once again as McCall Smith's genius for storytelling and eye for the quirky details of modern life conspire to produce page after page of witty and entertaining episodes and beautifully observed characters.



"A feast of mystery and mayhem." The Daily Record

"Teeming with charm.... Genial, satisfying narrative.... Ample humor and grace." Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"Recall[s] Douglas Adams at his finest.... It's this--the cast of a well-stocked, fun-loving, original mind--that we look for and find in McCall Smith's fiction." The Scotsman