The Day the World Ends


Publisher: Broadway Books
From one of the most inventive and celebrated filmmakers of the twentieth century, and co-creator of such classics as Fargo, No Country for Old Men, and True Grit, a collection of poems that offers humor and insight into an artist who has always pushed the boundaries of his craft.

Ethan Coen's screenplays have surprised and delighted international audiences with their hilarious vision and bizarrely profound understanding of human nature. This eccentric genius is revealed again in The Day the World Ends, a remarkable range of poems that are as funny, ribald, provocative, raw, and often touching as the brilliant films that have made the Coen brothers cult legends.


We Sheep

We stand across the grassy hill, The fall line square to each. We could Chew on and on and on, until Apocalypse--whose ructions would But coax we sheep to lift and drop Our dainty little feet until The shifting underfoot should stop, And then we'd square around once more To crop the newly slanting hill....
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