101 Letters to a Prime Minister

The Complete Letters to Stephen Harper

Publisher: Vintage Canada

From the mailbox of the Prime Minister's Office to your bookshelf, a list of more than 100 books that every Canadian should read. This largely one-sided correspondence from the "loneliest book club in the world" is a compendium for bibliophiles and those who follow the Canadian political scene. Smart, subversive, signed, sealed, and now available to you...even if your address is not 80 Wellington Street.


Praise for What Is Stephen Harper Reading?

"Not just a book of letters from an annoyed writer who is trying to make a political point...but a collection of reflections on reading; that is, a work of art speaking to a work of art.... A wonderful addition to our cultural vocabulary. Anyone who believes that the art of the letter is not dead, and that reading is still a vital and powerful way to shape the way we see and change the world, will not be disappointed by the eclectic and intriguing mixture of titles Martel presents."
—The Globe and Mail

"Martel's incisive, insightful musings make powerful arguments for the importance of books."
—Prairie Books NOW