The Last Song

Publisher: Tundra Books
Spain had been one of the world’s most tolerant societies for eight hundred years, but that way of life was wiped out by the Inquisition. Isabel’s family feels safe from the terrors, torture, and burnings. After all, her father is a respected physician in the court of Ferdinand and Isabella. Isabel was raised as a Catholic and doesn’t know that her family’s Jewish roots may be a death sentence. When her father is arrested by Torquemada, the Grand Inquisitor, she makes a desperate plan to save his life – and her own.
Once again, master storyteller Eva Wiseman brings history to life in this riveting and tragic novel.


Finalist -  The Manitoba Book Awards’ McNally Robinson Book for Young People Award

“With spies and informers on all sides, the story builds to a gripping climax… readers will easily be caught by the young girl’s personal heartbreak and conflict and will want to find out more.”

The Last Song, is sure to garner the same critical attention as her previous novels for its rhythmic and lyrical prose and lush descriptions of setting that cement the reader in the sights and sounds of Medieval Spain and the harsh brutalities of the Spanish Inquisition…. Isabel is a strong and insightful character whose voice will resonate with readers as she lingers long after one has finished reading.”
Canadian Children’s Book News

“This historical fiction novel is set in Toledo, Spain in the 1490s, surrounded by the backdrop of the Spanish Inquisition…. The climax of the novel will set the reader in a spiraling whirlwind of intense emotions. This novel is a great read for young adults who enjoy historical fiction dealing with horrifying persecution and the will to survive.”