Who Will Save My Planet?

Publisher: Tundra Books
This unique and powerful wordless book uses striking photos to show the impact of humans on the environment. Each provocative image speaks volumes. On every spread we are shown a treasure that nature has given us beside a picture of how we’ve abused that treasure. We see a beautiful forest glade beside a devastated patch of burned-out wood, a gorgeous green parrot beside a dull-feathered caged bird, a sparkling waterfall beside a garbage-clogged river. It would take thousands of words to express the important environmental message presented by Cristina Urrutia.


“The contents of Who Will Save My Planet? confirm the truth of the adage that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’”
—Highly Recommended, CM Magazine

 “Each double-page spread in this thought-provoking book pairs photos of similar subjects, letting viewers study the differences and draw their own conclusions…. Apart from the title, the book is wordless, but the environmental message is abundantly clear….”