A Nathan Active Mystery

Shaman Pass

Publisher: Soho Crime
State Trooper Nathan Active was born in the Inupiat village of Chukchi, where he is now stationed, but he was adopted and raised in Anchorage. Now he must investigate the murder of a tribal leader who was stabbed to death with an antique harpoon that was recently returned to the community under the Indian Graves Act.


Praise for Shaman Pass

“In a robust sequel to White Sky, Black Ice, this Alaska state trooper is still burdened by his urban upbringing and his aversion to ice and snow . . . Active maintains his awe of the vast Alaskan tundra, a forbidding region that Jones renders in all its bone-chilling beauty.”
The New York Times Book Review

“Jones captures in precise detail . . . the starkly individual spirit of this village’s collection of characters . . . His depiction of a freezing world of tar-paper houses and whaling camps is absolutely convincing . . . The effect is one of wry immersion in a mildly cantankerous society whose members are eccentric only in comparison to ‘the outside.’”
Houston Chronicle

“Solid police work in a cold climate.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Stirring . . . Jones skillfully depicts the beauty and desolation of the ‘treeless tundra’ in winter as well as the hardships of survival in one of the world’s harshest climates.”
Publishers Weekly

“Jones creates a stunning authentic sense of Alaskan history and of culture still in the throes of change.”