The Ghost Rider

Publisher: Anchor Canada
"Ismail Kadare is one of Europe's most consistently interesting and powerful contemporary novelists, a writer whose stark, memorable prose imprints itself on the reader's consciousness." --Los Angeles Times
An old woman is awoken in the dead of night by knocks at her front door. The woman opens it to find her daughter, Doruntine, standing there alone in the darkness. She has been brought home from a distant land by a mysterious rider she claims is her brother Konstandin. But unbeknownst to her, Konstandin has been dead for years. What follows is chain of events which plunges a medieval village into fear and mistrust. Who is the ghost rider?


Stres was still in bed when he heard the knocking at the door. He was tempted to bury his head in the pillow to blot out the noise, but the sound came again, louder this time.
“Who the Devil would pound on my door before daybreak?” he grumbled, throwing off the blanket.
He was on his...
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Praise for Ismail Kadare:
"One of the most important voices in literature today."
"Kadare's writing is a striking reminder that great literature does not depend on circumstances, but overcomes them."
Independent (UK)