Happier at Home

The Days Are Long, but the Years Are Short

Publisher: Anchor Canada

Tolstoy wrote, "Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." This is the statement that inspired bestselling author Gretchen Rubin to wonder whether she could foster an even greater happiness in her home. During The Happiness Project, the same questions kept tugging at her: How can I raise happy children? How can I maintain a tender, romantic relationship with my spouse--after fifteen years of marriage? How do I keep my BlackBerry from taking over my private life? How can I foster a well-ordered, light-hearted atmosphere in my house, when no one else will lift a finger to cooperate?
    This book is Gretchen's account of her second journey in pursuit of happiness. Prescriptive, easy-to-follow, and anecdotal, Happier at Home offers readers a way of thinking and being that is positive and life-affirming. With specific examples following the calendar year, an intimate voice, and drawing from science and pop culture, this book will resonate with anyone looking to strengthen the bonds of family.


 • "Gretchen Rubin has done it again. Her new book, Happier at Home is crazypants good. I took it with me on my vacation in August, and even though I was completely exhausted . . . , I stayed up way past my bedtime and read this book as if, well . . . as if it were Fifty Shades. . . . Here's the bottom line: Both of her books are better than chocolate and have far fewer calories." --Huffington Post (US)