The Empire of the Blood

Crown of the Blood

Publisher: Angry Robot
ULLSAARD HAS CONQUERED THE KNOWN WORLD. All have fallen before his armies.

Now it's time to take the long journey home, back to the revered heart of the great Empire he had helped create for his distant masters. But when he returns to the capital, life there is so very different from what he had believed. Could it be that everything he has fought for, has conquered and killed for, has been a lie?

File Under: Epic Fantasy [ Conquering Armies | A Vast Empire | Temple Of Shadows | Rebellion And War ]




The stones echoed to the sound of a gong. Lakhyri opened gold-veined eyes that reflected the glow of a guttering candle. The high priest’s face was the texture of ancient parchment, etched and tattooed with swirling designs. As he rose up...

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"Thorpe writes strong, uncluttered narrative, and his characters actually sound like real people." Tom Holt, SFX

"The battle scenes are truly epic and Thorpe doesn't give anything away until the final sword stroke has fallen." -Fantasy Book Review

"The Crown of the Blood
is a testosterone-fueled, dinosaur-punch of a book. It is a collection of violent conquests and vicious battles, from the fields of war to the equally-bloody arena of politics... Not I, Claudius, but definitely "Rome", this book is hairy, gory, sweaty, shameless... and perhaps even a little bit thoughtful." -

"This is one of Thorpe’s best novels.  The setting and story are well thought out and are remarkably logical for a fantasy novel.  If you enjoy military or historical fiction, you will enjoy The Crown of the Blood.  Action, intrigue, conquest, and charismatic generals are waiting for you here!" - James Atlantic's Speaks

a well written fantasy with some nice twists." - Charles R. Rutledge, Singular Points

Gav Thorpe, along with Paul Kearney, Stephen Pressfield and David Drake, writes war as it should be written: brutal, dark, bloody, treacherous, confusing, and insane." - Red Book Review

"The Crown of the Blood
is set in a world that resembles with a mix between the Roman and Middle Eastern empires, but with Gav Thorpe’s personal additions to the mixture that make his world captivating and interesting." - Dark Wolf's Fantasy Reviews