Triumff: Her Majesty’s Hero

Publisher: Angry Robot

Her Divine Majesty Queen Elizabeth XXX sits upon the throne. Great Britain's vast Empire is run by Alchemy and Superstition.

Sir Rupert Triumff. Adventurer. Fighter. Drinker. Saviour? Pratchett goes swashbuckling in the hotly anticipated original fiction debut of the multi-million selling Warhammer star. Triumff is a ribald historical fantasy set in a warped clockwork-powered version of our present day ! a new Elizabethan age, not of Elizabeth II but in the style of the original Virgin Queen. Throughout its rollicking pages, Sir Rupert Triumff drinks, dines and duels his way into a new Brass Age of Exploration and Adventure.

File Under: Fantasy [Alternate History | Wild Magic | Swashbuckling | Unforgivable Puns! ]

E-book ISBN: 978-0-85766-023-7


TRIUMFF: Her Majesty’s Hero
By Dan Abnett

Being the true and authentick account of the expl’ts and
incid’nts following the re-turn to London of
Sir Rupert Triumff, adventurer,
from his celebrated Voyage of Discovery to the Meridional...
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"The concept is clever and creative, and magic, treason, and Spanish grandees make for an entertaining read" - Publishers Weekly

"Triumff: Her Majesty's Hero is a witch's brew of alternate history, hocus pocus, cracking action and cheesy gags. Reads like Blackadder crossed with Neal Stephenson. It's a Kind of Magick - don't miss it." - Stephen Baxter

"This is what it would look like if William Shakespeare and Rowan Atkinson got together to write a novel after a night on the town with Terry Pratchett... a delightful, often original and hugely entertaining read." - Unbound

"[The] action scenes are plentiful and genuinely exciting in a way that adds a new dimension." 4 Stars, Must Read Now! - SciFi Now Magazine

"Endlessly inventive, joyously irreverent, drenched with adrenalin and wicked humour, Dan Abnett's Triumff is a brilliant occult-comedy-historical-adventure that's true to the best traditions of the genres it so eagerly devours." - Mike Carey

"Triumff is a swashbuckling, madcap adventure that reads like a twisted 18th century adventure novel smashed together with something from a 40s pulp magazine... If you’re a Terry Pratchett fan, loved Good Omens, and typically enjoy your fantasy with a tongue quite firmly implanted in cheek then I think this novel might be worth a look." - King of the Nerds blog

Praise for Dan Abnett:

"He makes war so real that you want to duck." -

"Abnett truly is the master of future war." -

"Dan has imbued the art of waging war... with a vivid and brutal energy, infusing the action with a palpable sense of tension" - My Favourite Books reviewing (Titanicus)

"...a highly cinematic read, in which Abnett delivers a convincing, intricately constructed future, filled with interesting characters, and the promise of much more to come. " - SF Site (reviewing Ravenor)

"Dan Abnett does not disappoint with his story telling skills. Not only does he write some believable characters, but he can get a battle pictured in your mind with astonishing ease." - Walker of Worlds (reviewing Titanicus)