The Shroud

The 2000-Year-Old Mystery Solved

Publisher: Bantam
Rewritten and updated from Ian Wilson's original 1978 bestseller, The Turin Shroud.

Two decades after radiocarbon dating declared the Turin Shroud a mediaeval fake, brand-new historical discoveries strongly suggest that this famous cloth, with its extraordinary photographic imprint, is genuinely Christ's shroud after all.

In 1978 in his international bestseller The Turin Shroud Ian Wilson ignited worldwide public debate with his compelling case endorsing the shroud's authenticity. Now, 30 years later, he has completely rewritten and updated his earlier book to provide fresh evidence to support his original argument. The Shroud boldly challenges the current post-radiocarbon dating view -- that it is a fake. By arguing his case brilliantly and provocatively, Ian Wilson once more throws the matter into the public arena for further debate and controversy.


Published to coincide with a new round of public showings of the Shroud ordered by the Pope -- the first in 10 years. The exhibition will be housed in Turin Cathedral from April 10 to May 15, 2010 and will generate major media attention and fresh focus on the Shroud. The Pope and literally millions of pilgrims will go.

"The godfather of the bestselling genre of historical quests that seek for the 'truth' behind ancient myths and faiths."
--The Independent