Tell It to the Trees

Publisher: Vintage Canada

One freezing winter morning a dead body is found in the backyard of the Dharma family’s house. It’s the body of Anu Krishnan.
For Anu, a writer seeking a secluded retreat from the city, the Dharmas’ “back-house” in the sleepy mountain town of Merrit’s Point was the ideal spot to take a year off and begin writing. She had found the Dharmas’ rental through a happy coincidence. A friend from university who had kept tabs on everyone in their graduating year – including the quiet and reserved Vikram Dharma and his first wife, Helen – sent her the listing. Anu vaguely remembered Vikram but had a strong recollection of Helen, a beautiful, vivacious, social and charming woman.
But now Vikram had a new wife, a marriage hastily arranged in India after Helen was killed in a car accident. Suman Dharma, a stark contrast to Helen, is quiet and timid. She arrived from the bustling warmth of India full of the promise of her new life – a new home, a new country and a daughter from Vikram’s first marriage. But her husband’s suspicious, controlling and angry tirades become almost a daily ritual, resigning Suman to a desolate future entangled in a marriage of fear and despair.
Suman is isolated both by the landscape and the culture, and her fortunes begin to change only when Anu arrives. A friendship begins to form between the two women as Anu becomes a frequent visitor to the house. While the children, Varsha and Hemant, are at school, Anu, Vikram’s mother, Akka, and Suman spend time sharing tea and stories.
But Anu’s arrival will change the balance of the Dharma household. Young Varsha, deeply affected by her mother’s death and desperate to keep her new family together, becomes increasingly suspicious of Anu’s relationship with her stepmother. Varsha’s singular attention to keeping her family together, and the secrets that emerge as Anu and Suman become friends, create cracks in the Dharma family that can only spell certain disaster.

From the Hardcover edition.


One of the searchers spotted two ravens yanking at something and walked over to investigate. I watched as he squatted and peered down at the ground, raised his arm and waved the others over. They had found her.
The birds, they told us later, were tugging at her red and gold earring that was glinting up at them...
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1. Why do you believe Vikram chooses Suman as his wife? How does his previous marriage inform his decision?

2. Akka does not involve herself in the relationship between her son and Suman. Why do you believe this is, given Akka’s own troubled marriage?

3. What was your reaction when the circumstances...

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SHORTLISTED 2012 – Quebec Writers’ Federation Paragraphe Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction
LONGLISTED 2013 – IMPAC Dublin Literary Award
FINALIST 2013 – OLA Evergreen Award

“She has an amazing knack for hauling together the beauty, mess, joy and folly of ordinary people’s lives.”
—The Hamilton Spectator
“What a treat it is to read Anita Rau Badami.”
—National Post
“Badami’s psychological insight illuminates every scene [and] breathes authentic life into her characters. . . . Badami is a first-rate novelist.”
—NOW (Toronto)
“Badami’s descriptions of all locales are vibrantly realistic, filled with sensory detail and an acute sense of place. Badami’s feeling for place is matched, if not surpassed, by her ability to create characters that move off the page and into your mind.”
—Edmonton Journal
“Badami writes graceful, evocative prose and plays complex variations on her themes. All her characters are vibrant and deftly drawn.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Heartfelt and heartbreaking. . . . A chilling and pertinent read, one that remains frost-burned in the mind after the final page has turned.”
The Georgia Straight

"Part literary whodunit, part psychological drama, Tell It to the Trees is all about solitude and secrets--and how the two can combine to hold a family together; and, at the same time, tear it apart."
The Gazette