The Remarkable Adventures of Tom Scatterhorn: The Forgotten Echo

Publisher: Doubleday Canada
The last exciting instalment of this outstanding trilogy
As the trilogy reaches its breathtaking climax, our intrepid hero Tom Scatterhorn sets off on yet another adventure in and out of time and through many exotic locations. Danger is never far behind and Tom must remain focused on his goal-to defeat his old enemy Don Gervase Askary once and for all . . .


Praise for The Museum's Secret:
"... A gripping opening chapter worthy of Indiana Jones... In a complex plot involving time travel, beetles of all sizes, a magic potion, a sinister girl, chocolate cake with the power to stupefy, Dickensian settings and frost fairs, Tom hurtles through blizzards, jungles and dangers that prove that fortune favours the brave. Mixing a world of modern computers with one of Victorian taxidermy, the result is a wide-ranging, characterful adventure that is both readable and original."
—The Sunday Times (UK)
"With a series of books to follow, it's good to know Tom's adventures have only just begun."
Waterstone's Books Quarterly
"A time-travelling, Indiana Jones-style mystery . . . that will appeal to those who like a bit of magic with their mystery."
Daily Mail