A Nathan Active Mystery

Village of the Ghost Bears

Publisher: Soho Crime
The fourth Nathan Active mystery

Alaska State Trooper Nathan Active must figure out what connects a dead hunter on a remote Arctic lake with a year-old fatal plane crash in the Brooks Range and an arson at the Chukchi Recreation Center. That fire killed eight people, including the police chief and the town’s basketball star. Active’s investigation leads him to a lucrative polar-bear poaching operation and a brother and sister with an intense bond from a village famous for twins, polar bears, and schizophrenia.


Praise for Village of the Ghost Bears

“Jones delivers a finely laddered plot . . . but the real fun, as always, lies
in the dozens of mini-lessons he gives on hardscrabble Alaskan life.”
Entertainment Weekly

“You can’t fake the stuff Stan Jones pulls off in Village of the Ghost Bears . . . A writer of muscular words and stark images, Jones sets up his scenes like film shots.”
The New York Times Book Review

“In the fourth book of this enchanting series set in Alaska . . . [Jones has] created a richly populated universe you’ll be sorry to leave.”
“Chilling . . . Fascinating.”
USA Today

“Fans of Tony Hillerman’s Jim Chee novels will appreciate the direct, wistful storytelling style of Stan Jones. And if life in northwest Alaska seems bleak with its poverty and hard cold, the strong bonds connecting Nathan Active to the people he serves and lives with have their own appeal. Most of all, Village of the Ghost Bears is a solid crime story—one good for any armchair detective.”
Sacramento News and Review