Miss Montreal

Publisher: Vintage Canada
Howard Shrier's acclaimed Jonah Geller series continues with Miss Montreal, the Vintage World of Crime trade paperback original and sequel to Boston Cream.  

After what happened in Boston, P.I. Jonah Geller can't show his face in the U.S. again. Which is fine with him. He's got a new case in Montreal, one of the world's most colourful and downright scandalous cities. An old friend has been brutally murdered there, and the police investigation is stalled. With an election looming and tensions seething, Jonah and former hit man Dante Ryan have to battle religious fanatics, gun runners and a twisted political dynasty to get to the truth.


LONGLISTED 2014 – Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel
FINALIST 2014 – Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel

Miss Montreal is one of those books you can’t put down. It’s a great addition to the world of crime fiction and a must-read for fans of La Belle Ville.”
NOW (Toronto) NNNN
“This is the best Jonah Geller book yet.”
—Margaret Cannon, The Globe and Mail
Miss Montreal is the strongest entry in an already very strong series, and leaves this reader looking forward to Jonah Geller’s next outing.”
January Magazine
“The fourth in Howard Shrier’s series of crime novels featuring Geller, and the best and liveliest so far…. Crime novels featuring an able, sympathetic investigator bonded with a rough-and-tumble, harder-edged buddy constitute a familiar formula, but it’s a formula that, done right, can be winningly fun to read. In Miss Montreal, Howard Shrier does it right—and does so thoughtfully, in the context of some important, current issues while he’s about it.”
The London Free Press
“A great crime romp through [Montreal]. Shrier gets Montreal right. The grittiness, the contradictions, the corruption, the politics—even the potholes get a full airing.”
—Francois Lauzon, The Gazette
“Gritty, and with its ethnic and linguistic tensions kept just off the boil, Montreal makes a great setting for a grisly murder, with international connections.”
Radio Canada International