Raising Cubby

A Father and Son's Adventures with Asperger's, Trains, Tractors, and High Explosives

Publisher: Anchor Canada
"Part parenting guide, part courtroom drama, part catalog of the travails and surprising joys of life with the high-functioning form of autism called Asperger's syndrome, this memoir will offer all parents--but particularly fathers--a lot to think about. . . . [A] touching, sympathetic and often insightful book." --The New York Times
     John Elder Robison wasn't a model child. He was awkward in school; he ran away from home; he threatened people with knives. As an adult, he learned he had Asperger's syndrome, which explained a lot, and his youthful shenanigans made for riotous stories. But it wasn't so funny when his son, Cubby, started having trouble in school and seemed like he might be headed the same way. Not that John was a model dad, either. When Cubby asked, "Where did I come from?" John said he'd bought him at the Kid Store--and that the salesman had cheated him by promising Cubby would do chores. He ditched Good Night, Moon for stories he made up about nuclear-powered horses. Cubby turned out to have his father's intelligence but also some of his resistance to authority. At seventeen he was brilliant enough in chemistry to make military-grade explosives, which led to a raid by law enforcement officers. That woke John up to another thing he and Cubby shared: Asperger's syndrome.
     This is an unforgettable memoir about a different boy being raised by a different father--and learning to cope with, even celebrate, the difference.


 • "[A] funny, loving, and decidedly geeky account . . . shows not only that someone with autism can make a great parent, but that there are many ways of becoming one." --Toronto Star
 • "Robison's poignant memoir Raising Cubby sees him reveal both fun-filled and dramatic experiences shared with his son who has Asperger's syndrome. . . . [with] often humorous anecdotes." --Winnipeg Free Press
 • "Raising Cubby offers up a gently twisted journey that is always insightful, often hilarious, and sometimes awe-inspiring." --Publishers Weekly