The New Industrial Revolution

Publisher: Signal
Now available in paperback, an examination of the zeitgeist of both the exploding entrepreneurial movement and the concern about the economy tilted too heavily toward services and other intangibles -- by a leading technology expert, and bestselling author of The Long Tail.
     What happens when DIY meets Web 2.0? In Makers, New York Times-bestselling author Chris Anderson reveals how entrepreneurs use web principles to create and produce companies with the potential to be global in scope as well as how they use significantly less in the way of financial resources, tooling, and infrastructure required by traditional manufacturing. Anderson's unique perspective is that small manufacturing will be a significant source of future growth; that the days of giant companies like General Motors are in their twilight; that in an age of open source, custom-fabricated, and do-it-yourself product design, the collective potential of a million garage tinkerers will be unleashed on global markets.


 • "Optimism is Anderson's métier, and in his previous books [he] displayed the same tendency to see only the bright side. In both cases, though, Anderson was on to something, and that's true of Makers." -- Slate
 • "Anderson is a sort of capitalist revolutionary, and Makers is the industrial chapter in a larger manifesto for the democratizing force of the internet." -- The Telegraph
 • "Collaboration and transparency are at the heart of Anderson's new book, Makers [and] Anderson consciously invokes Karl Marx in his new book." -- Time