A Hazel Micallef Mystery

A Door in the River

Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
Now in a new trade paperback format, the third hard-edged, suspenseful book in the Hazel Micallef mystery series, written pseudonymously by acclaimed fiction writer Michael Redhill, that will appeal to readers of Ruth Rendell, Giles Blunt, and Louise Penny.

When Henry Weist, Port Dundas Ontario's likeable hardware store owner, is found dead in the parking lot of a cigarette shop on a local First Nation reserve, apparently of a bee sting, and with more deaths to follow, Hazel Micallef finds herself involved in one of the most sensational and shocking cases of her career. And one that literally goes underground to get to the bottom of what turns out to be a vengeful, murderous rampage that may have ties to the sex trade. In Hazel Micallef, Wolfe has created one of the more intriguing and no-nonsense protagonists in crime fiction. Brilliantly plotted and psychologically complex, and spellbinding, A Door in the River is the strongest, most haunting Hazel Micallef mystery yet.


"A terrifyingly addictive series--I'm hooked! Detective Hazel Micallef investigates the creepiest of crimes." Mo Hayder

"Keeps the reader's heart pounding from first page to last. " Toronto Star