Boston Sites & Insights

An Essential Guide to Historic Landmarks In and Around Boston

Publisher: Beacon Press
Whether you're looking for a history of one of the city's world-class museums or for a fascinating story about Boston's popular North End, Susan Wilson covers it all in Boston Sites and Insights. Divided into six sections that reflect the diversity of people, activities, and landmarks within the city, this fascinating book leaves no stone unturned. With practical, up-to-date information in an "Essentials" section at the end of each chapter as well as fresh retellings of popular legends and lore, Wilson provides everything the modern visitor or current resident needs to know to enjoy the multicultural city of Boston, Massachusetts."


The book I've long been waiting for, companionably providing me with the story on buildings I've wanted to know more about, as well as alluring me with information on lore laden sites and settings I can now add to my circle of friends. The book is lively, distinguished and fun.--Lynda Morgenroth, author of Boston Neighborhoods Boston Sites and Insights is the most inclusive listing of things to do in the Boston area I've seen. Ms. Wilson has outdone herself, including something for everyone with this truly multicultural travel guide."--Kenneth A. Heidelberg, Boston African American National Historic Site

"This thorough, entertaining guide is recommended both to the general public and to serious students of history."--Library Journal

"A dense, information-packed introduction to Beantown… fascinating."--Los Angeles Times