A World Elsewhere

Publisher: Vintage Canada

Beloved author Wayne Johnston returns to the territory of his #1 national bestseller The Colony of Unrequited Dreams with this sweeping tale of ambition, remorse and hope.
A World Elsewhere is an astounding work of literature with all the hallmarks of Wayne Johnston's most beloved and acclaimed novels: outsiders yearning for acceptance, dreams that threaten to overpower their makers, and unlikely romance. The beating heart of this story is the touching relationship between a father and his adopted son. This sweeping tale immerses us in St. John's, Princeton and North Carolina at the close of the 19th century. Landish Druken is a formidable figure: broader than most doorways, quick-witted and sharp-tongued. As a student at Princeton, he is befriended by Padgett "Van" Vanderluyden, son of the wealthiest man in America. Years later, when Landish and his son turn to Van for help, he invites them to his self-constructed castle and pulls them into his web of lies and deceit.


Landish Druken lived in the two-room attic of a house near the end of Dark Marsh Road that was in no way remindful of any other place he’d ever lived. A mile away, in a twelve-room house, his father lived alone. Under the terms of what Landish called the Sartorial Charter, his father had let him keep his clothes but...
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"Biting wit and brilliant puns.... Worth the attention of anyone who delights in Johnston's imagination and the riches of the English language."
Ottawa Citizen
"Marks perhaps his greatest achievement in conveying the emotional state and psychology of tackling one's past and culture."
"Written with Johnston's accustomed verve and humour."
National Post