Publisher: Vintage Canada

In a flat near Reykjavik city centre, a young man lies dead in a pool of blood although there are no signs of a break-in or any struggle. A woman's purple shawl, found under the bed, gives off a strong and unusual aroma. A vial of narcotics found in the victim's pocket among other clues soon lead Erlendur's colleagues down a trail of hidden violence and psychological brutality, and of wrongs that will never be fully righted.


He dressed himself in black jeans, a white shirt and a comfortable jacket, put on a pair of smart shoes he had had for three years, and considered the venues in the city centre that one of the women had mentioned.
He mixed himself two stiff drinks, which he drank as he watched TV and waited until it was time...
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"An international literary phenomenon--and it's easy to see why. His novels are gripping, authentic, haunting and lyrical." Harlan Coben
Praise for Indridason's previous works:
"Hypothermia is one of the most haunting crime novels I've read in a long time, unsentimental yet informed throughout by Indridason's extraordinary empathy with human suffering." The Sunday Times
"The narrative grips, the writing, excellently translated by Cribb, is resonant and lyrical, and the atmosphere is chillingly creepy." The Guardian
"What is it with those Scandinavians? For many years they have been producing crime novels of the most chilling and engrossing nature. However, one man stands out for his sense of highly believable drama, suspense and an almost effortlessly simple, yet captivating delivery. He is Arnaldur Indridason...one of the brightest sparks on the international crime writing circuit." The Daily Mirror