Death Before Bedtime

Publisher: Vintage Crime/Black Lizard
In Death Before Bedtime, dashing P.R. man Peter Sargent is invited to the home of a venerable senator to help strategize his imminent run for president.  On the night before he’s to announce, though, the senator is murdered in his bed.  No longer needed as a political publicist, Sargent finds himself helping the police find the killer.  He deftly navigates an eccentric cast of characters, all of whom are suspects: the rebellious daughter; the sycophantic aide; the grieving widow; and the power-hungry governor with his eye on the senator’s job.  Somehow, between charming the senator’s daughter and glad-handing Washington’s elite, Sargent still manages to methodically put the pieces into place and sees that politics truly is a cut-throat business.


Chapter 1


"You know, I've never gone to bed with a man on a train before," she said, taking off her blouse.

"Neither have I," I said, and I made sure that the door to the compartment was securely locked.

"What innocents we are," she sighed, then: "I wish I had a drink."

"I think...
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“Clever and lively.” —Anthony Boucher, Los Angeles Times

“The case of the missing author is over.  Gore Vidal has emerged from behind the facade of Edgar Box.” —The New Republic