The Sultan’s Wife

Publisher: Anchor Canada

Morocco, 1677.

The tyrannical King Ismail resides over the palace of Meknes. Through the sweltering heat of the palace streets, Nus Nus, slave to the King and forced into his live of servitude as court scribe, is sent to the apothecary. There he discovers the bloody corpse of the herb man, and becomes entangled in a plot to frame him for the murder. Juggling the tempestuous Moroccan king, sorceress queen Zidana and the malicious Grand Vizier is his only hope to escape the blame.

Meanwhile, young, fair Alys Swann is captured during her crossing to England, where she is due to be wed. Sold into Ismail's harem, she is forced to choose: renounce her faith or die.

An unlikely alliance develops between Alys and Nus Nus, one that will help them to survive the horrifying ordeals of the Moroccan court.

Brimming with rich historical detail and peppered with real characters, from Charles I to Samuel Pepys, The Sultan's Wife is a story of enduring love and adventure.


"Jane Johnson's gorgeously written The Sultan's Wife cost me two days of writing time--even more if you count the hours I spent scurrying to find her earlier books. Poison and black magic in 1677 Morocco plus an intrepid Englishwoman taken captive by Barbary corsairs. What more could a reader want?" Alan Bradley, author of The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, in Chatelaine

“For those who like to be shocked with the odd and unusual, enjoy reading about the exotic, the mystique, murders, and passionate life and death realities, you cannot miss with this novel! This is the first novel by Jane Johnson I’ve read, and I’m eager to read her other two previous novels. A talented author who knows how to spin a fabulous yarn!” Historical Novel Review