Grandmothers of The Light

A Medicine Woman's Sourcebook

Publisher: Beacon Press
This extraordinary collection of goddess stories from Native American civilizations across the continent, Paula Gunn Allen shares myths that have guided female shamans toward an understanding of the sacred for centuries.


A collection of Native American creation myths in which goddesses do all the work and even get the credit … We need more of these wonderful tales.” – Village Voice
Allen’s gift is for teasing out the spirit of myths whose original character was lost to the depredations of colonists and cavalry, the expectations of anthropologists and the pressure of priests and bureaucrats … She introduces each group of myths the way you’d introduce one very good friend to another – with affection, intelligence and a sense that a powerful relationship between reader and story is about to begin.” – Boston Globe
At a time when healing the planet has become critical, reclaiming our connection to Mother Earth and to the sacred has never been so important. This book offers us all a chance to reconnect to the power and balance of the feminine.” – Shaman’s Drum