Blood Sun

Publisher: Doubleday Canada
Has Max's quest for the truth led to an answer for which he'll pay the ultimate price?

Deep in the London underground, a train shudders across an unseen body. Days later, on the bleakness of Dartmoor, Max Gordon learns of a fellow student's death in the capital. Danny Maguire was carrying an envelope with Max's name on it--containing the secret of Max's mother's death. The clues take Max into the endangered rainforest of Central America where, hunted down by a ruthless killer, he must also escape the jaws of deadly crocodiles and flesh-eating piranhas. The truth Max is desperately trying to uncover lies deep within the dangerous forest's heart . . . if only he can stay alive to reach it. The third and final novel in David Gilman's supercharged, sophisticated adventure series, perfect for fans of Anthony Horowitz, James Patterson, and the Jason Bourne movies.


“James Bond-esque . . . a solid read from start to breathless finish.”
Kirkus Reviews