Tell Me No Secrets

Publisher: Anchor Canada
People are inexplicably disappearing from Chicago prosecutor Jess Koster's life. Eight years ago, her mother vanished without a trace and now a client, the victim of a brutal, sadistic rapist, is also missing. Someone is disrupting Jess's neat, ordered existence with chaos and terror. And from the shadow of her past, a maniac is watching her, stalking her - and there's no one Jess can trust, for she feels with blood-chilling certainty that her mysterious tormentor is perilously close . . . and that the next missing person might be her.


He was waiting for her when she got to work. Or so it seemed to Jess, who spotted him immediately, standing motionless at the comer of California Avenue and Twenty-fifth Street. She felt him watching her as she left the parking garage and hurried across the street toward the Administration Building...
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"Heady, original, and hard to put down."
- San Francisco Chronicle

"Engrossing . . . with a remarkable final twist."
- Sunday Times (UK)

"[Fielding] rises to terrifying new heights."
- Ottawa Citizen