The Raw Truth, 2nd Edition

Recipes and Resources for the Living Foods Lifestyle

Publisher: Celestial Arts
Whether you’re just discovering raw foods or already well-versed in kimchee and wheatgrass, this revised edition of The Raw Truth combines a wealth of raw foods know-how with a diverse array of delicious recipes. This essential reference offers an extensive primer on the benefits of raw foods, the four living food groups (fresh, sprouted, cultured, and dehydrated), specialty ingredients, and helpful kitchen tools.
Raw foods pioneer Jeremy A. Safron explains in simple terms how life promotes life with a raw diet. When vital enzymes essential to digestion have not been destroyed by heat or processing, the uncooked foods provide our bodies with energy and nutrition quickly and efficiently. This leads to enhanced vitality, increased detoxification, and improved well-being.
But these foods don’t merely offer health-giving properties—they also form the basis of recipes that are easy to make and packed with flavor. Safron shares his take on simple smoothies and drinks like Thin Mint and Mellow Melon, quick soups like Tom Yum and Cucumber-Dill, hearty entrées like Falafel, Lasagna, and Thai Curry, and rich desserts like Coconut Custard and Carob-Hazelnut Torte. Many of these recipes are customer favorites from Safron’s Raw Experience restaurants, which were renowned for their creative menus and valued as education centers for the global raw movement. With nearly 200 recipes and information on transitioning to a raw foods diet, The Raw Truth is a comprehensive guide to a vibrant, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle.


With the correct tools and the proper resources, we can accomplish anything we wish. Experience (what we do) plus knowledge (what we learn) gives us wisdom (what we can share).
Raw Experience
Experience is the greatest teacher there is. Our lives are our lessons...
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“With a career spanning over two decades, Safron is an acclaimed expert in [all] things raw.”
Maui News
“Jeremy Safron is an inspiration toraw foodists around the world—myself included.”
—Dan Hoyt, chef and owner of Quintessence restaurant, New York