Who's Who in the Deep Blue

Publisher: National Geographic Children's Books
Fans of Disney Pixar's Finding Dory and Finding Nemo movies will love meeting the real underwater critters behind the film in this colorful, fact-filled nonfiction book. From life in coral reefs, to sharks and rays, to sea birds, kids will meet incredible sea-based animals in action, including the blue tang fish and clownfish. It's all captured with beautiful underwater photography and features cool info about our oceans -- including fascinating facts, maps, and marine conservation tips and efforts.


"Striking photographs illustrate this collection of marine animals, a sampling of remarkable creatures that live in and around the ocean...Rizzo's information is conversationally delivered, accurate, and likely to appeal...it concludes with 20 sensible ways even landlocked readers can help protect the water world. A child-friendly invitation to dive in." -- Kirkus

""If the close-up, action photographs of sharks, sea turtles, and blobfish don’t make you want to dive in to explore both the ocean and the book, maybe the fuzzy baby penguins will...The writing is done in a fun, conversational tone...there’s enough to educate oceanographers and marine biologists young and old. This is one to pore over for both the gorgeous photographs and ample facts, which will hopefully inspire the next generation to protect those creatures in the deep blue sea." -- Booklist

"...this book will keep readers (including the landlocked who wish they were at the beach) occupied for hours as they pore over the full-color photographs and descriptive text... In National Geographic style, this book also includes a section on conservation and what kids (and adults) can do to protect the oceans of the world." -- Literacy Daily