Rude Stories

Publisher: Tundra Books
Meet Mr. Mosquito, drawn from a Gypsy story. He's cantankerous and nasty enough to raise belly laughs along with the eyebrows of the polite. In a story inspired by Australian bush tales, we meet Ella and Bella, two hilarious (and flatulent) sisters. Angelina's earthy wit is memorialized in a story from Swahili tradition.

The eight stories in Rude Stories have roots from Japan to Canada, from Africa to Eastern Europe, but they all share a sense of irreverence, and, because they are the work of a true storyteller, they beg to be read aloud, told aloud and shared. Francis Blake's hilarious askew art brings the characters to life in this spicy stew of international stories to satisfy every child's appetite for the deliciously absurd.


Praise For Stories At The Door:
"Whimsical, colourful and full of mischief, the drawings are like a bag full of candy. And Andrew's stories are equally fun, offbeat and infused with a quirky wisdom .... When this books comes knocking at the door, let it in."
- Today's Parent

"... [a] deliciously quirky collection."
- The Toronto Star