Ingrid and the Wolf

Publisher: Tundra Books
Like all of us, Ingrid wants to belong, especially to a family. Now, she does have parents whom she loves very much, but she has a sense that there is more to her past than she’s been told. When the opportunity presents itself for her to visit Hungary, Ingrid takes it despite her parents’ objections.

What she finds in the old country is enchanting, gorgeous, and terrifying. Her legacy is nothing like she expected. It is a creature that is, by turns, loving and vicious. It is a wolf.

Ingrid realizes that she is the caretaker of her unusual inheritance, like it or not.

Award-winning author André Alexis delivers his storytelling skills to a new generation of readers in this, his first children’s book.


“…André Alexis presents a main character who is smart and engaging and real. Ingrid's story echoes setting and character from the great Victorian novels and has a touch of the magic of the great, timeless fairy tales… I was reminded of Burnett's The Secret Garden as I read this novel, with that story's dark and foreboding house and its bold young heroine bringing a family together. Highly Recommended.”
CM Magazine