Midnight Fugue

Publisher: Anchor Canada
The highly anticipated return of Dalziel and Pascoe starts with a phone call to Superintendent Dalziel from an old friend asking for help. But where it ends is a very different story. Gina Wolfe has come to Mid-Yorkshire in search of her missing husband, believed dead. Her fiance, Commander Mick Purdy of the Met, thinks Dalziel should be able to take care of the job. What none of them realize is how events set in motion decades ago will come to a violent head on this otherwise ordinary summer's day. A Welsh tabloid journalist senses the story he's been chasing for years may have finally landed in his lap. A Tory MP's secretary suspects her boss's father has an unsavoury history that could taint his prime ministerial ambitions. The ruthless entrepreneur in question sends two henchmen out to make sure the past stays in the past. And the lethal pair dispatched have some awkward secrets of their own. Four stories, two mismatched detectives trying to figure it all out, and 24 hours in which to do it: Dalziel and Pascoe are about to learn the hard way exactly just how much difference a day makes!

From the Hardcover edition.


'Shit,' said Andy Dalziel as the phone rang.
In twenty minutes the CID's monthly case review meeting was due to start, the first since his return. In the old days this wasn't a problem. He'd have rolled in late and watched them bolt their bacon butties and sit up straight...
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"[Reginald Hill] shows no sign of descending from the high quality of his writing. . . . Beautifully plotted and intriguingly resolved. . . . Fresh and memorable. . . . It's a witty, wise and warm read, with rich characterisation and emotional depth."
— The Times

From the Hardcover edition.