Publisher: Vintage Canada

From five-time winner of the Ned Kelly Award for Crime Fiction and author of the bestselling masterpiece The Broken Shore comes another electrifying thriller. Now available in trade paperback from Vintage Canada World of Crime.

At the close of a long day, Inspector Stephen Villani stands in the bathroom of a luxury apartment high above the city. In the glass bath, a young woman lies dead.

So begins Truth, the sequel to Peter Temple's highly acclaimed The Broken Shore, winner of the Duncan Lawrie Dagger Award.

Villani's job as head of the Victoria Police Homicide Squad is bathed in blood and sorrow. His life is his work. It is his identity, his calling, his touchstone. But now, over a few sweltering summer days, as fires burn across the state and his
superiors and colleagues scheme and jostle, he finds all the certainties of his life are crumbling.

Truth is about a man, a family, a city. It is about violence, murder, love, corruption, honour, deceit--and truth.


ON THE Westgate Bridge, behind them a flat in Altona, a dead woman, a girl really, dirty hair, dyed red, pale roots, she was stabbed too many times to count, stomach, chest, back, face. The child, male, two or three years old, his head was kicked. Blood everywhere. On the nylon carpet, it lay in pools, a chain of tacky...
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Winner – Australian Book Industry Award for General Fiction
Shortlisted – Vance Palmer Prize for Fiction
Shortlisted – Victorian Premier’s Awards for Fiction
Shortlisted – Australian Book Industry Award for Book of the Year

An Australian Financial Review Book of the Year
Truth is about family and morality, city and countryside, private dilemmas and public responsibilities. It’s also a stunning piece of psychological portraiture.”
 — The Guardian

“Temple’s award-winning The Broken Shore was good; this is better.”
 — The Independent

Truth is both confronting and electrifying. It is Temple’s best book.”
 — The Age
“Absent mothers, unspoken tensions, family secrets all hover like shadows over this story. . . . It is mesmerizing reading . . . and it marks Peter Temple as one of our greatest writers.”
 — Sunday Telegraph
“The writing is diamond hard and clear, the pages demand to be turned, and he comes near the truth of things that matter. . . . Temple’s many fans will need no encouragement to read this book. If you are yet to join them, don’t wait any longer.” 
 — The Australian

"Truth succeeds as a well-paced, most engaging crime novel, a world-class effort. It is also one of the best pieces of modern Australian fiction this decade if not for many decades."
 — The Courier Mail

“This sequel to The Broken Shore is every bit as good. . . . It seduces you. This is a wonderful book, one of the best of the year.”
 — Margaret Cannon, The Globe and Mail
“Peter Temple’s latest is blistering. . . .a world-class, gobsmacking novel.”
 — Winnipeg Free Press

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