The Summer of Permanent Wants

Publisher: Doubleday Canada
A literary adventure story with a classic feel, The Summer of Permanent Wants will delight and engage middle-grade readers.

Emmeline is an 11-year-old who contends with a special problem: after a long sickness she can no longer speak. Her illness left her unable to give words to her thoughts, and she can only use the occasional snatches of sign language. Closed off from her friends and the world of kids her age, Emmeline is excited to spend a couple of months with her bohemian grandmother and her newest project: starting a floating bookshop that will sail from port to port all summer long. From the books and people they encounter aboard Permanent Wants, Emmeline travels to places, real and imaginary, that astonish and bedazzle her in turns. From the discovery of a map of a now unheard-of land, to a town whose citizens are no longer able to make music, to the revelation of an island filled with serpents and snakes, Emmeline's adventures show her wonders that help her unlock her own self.


No sailor would have called Permanent Wants graceful or sea-kindly, but the crickets liked it well enough. They didn’t seem to notice it was a boat. To them, it was just a floating patch of backyard, free of toads and mantises and other enemies, and moated with stars on a fine night. There were two crickets,...
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Praise for Jamieson Findlay:

"Jamieson Findlay is a romancer of words, a charmworker, and a fabulous new find. The Blue Roan Child is a story redolent of honey and applewood, of homeweave and the sweet breath of horses. But be warned: the pastoral pace of the early chapters soon gives way to a canter and, in time, to a wild and exhilarating gallop."
— Tim Wynne-Jones, two-time winner of the Governor General's Award for Children's Literature

"Beautifully composed... Findlay creates his imaginary world with epic sweep and visual grandeur."
The Globe and Mail