Last Will

Publisher: Vintage Canada
For the first time in her career, reporter Annika Bengtzon is covering the glamorous Nobel Prize Dinner, traditionally held in Stockholm's City Hall. The world's notabilities are enjoying themselves on the dance floor when suddenly gunshots break through the din of conversation and music. In the ensuing panic, the presumed assassin wrestles Annika to the ground. Soon, she is caught in the middle of an intricate drama with links to Alfred Nobel--not only as a reporter but also as a key witness.


"Utterly convincing and genuinely entertaining. The reader is certainly given her money's worth, when Marklund serves up hard-hitting effects and sensational rarities, from bloody murder methods to the heroine's lethal threatening of little slimy boys."
—Politiken (Denmark)

"Last Will is the sixth installment with crime reporter Annika Bengtzon in the leading role. And she certainly stands her ground; the hunt for the murderer is terribly suspenseful."
Aftenposten (Norway)

"Fast-paced, suspenseful chapters are alternated with more light-hearted fragments in this well-paced narrative. With this novel, Marklund confirms her position as a writer who knows her craft. She gracefully hits the mark, and comes out fine of every storm."
Boek (Netherlands)