The News Where You Are

Publisher: Anchor Canada
A heartbreaking, yet hilarious, novel from the author of the best-selling, prize-winning What Was Lost.

The News Where You Are tells the funny, touching story of Frank, a local TV news presenter in England. Beneath his awkwardly corny screen persona, Frank is haunted by disappearances: the mysterious hit-and-run that killed his predecessor Phil Smethway; the demolition of his father's post-war brutalist architecture; and the unmarked passing of those who die alone in the city. Frank struggles to make sense of these absences whilst having to report endless local news stories and trying to cope with his resolutely miserable mother. The result is that rare thing: a page-turning novel that asks the big questions in an accessible way, and is laugh-out-loud funny, genuinely moving and ultimately uplifting.

From the Hardcover edition.


six months later

Frank's daughter sat in the front passenger seat humming the same tune over and over. The notes spiraled upwards and then abruptly plummeted, before starting the ascent again. Frank drove toward the city.

"What's the tune, Mo?" asked Frank.

"It's a song by the...
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Praise for What Was Lost:
"I am full of admiration for What Was Lost, which skewers our consumer society in all its absurdity and terrible sadness, while deftly interweaving a tender and heartbreaking personal narrative. A great debut novel from an awesomely talented writer."
— Jonathan Coe

"What Was Lost is a terrific, wonderful book and I loved every page of it."
— Douglas Coupland

"A superb, haunting novel."
Daily Mail (UK)

From the Hardcover edition.