Demon Rumm

Publisher: Bantam
New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown has thrilled readers worldwide with stories of suspense, mystery, and complex relationships. In this beloved classic romance, a woman vows never to let her heart be broken again—only to find her path crossing with a man who threatens to seduce her into breaking every promise.
As far as Kirsten Rumm is concerned, it’s the publicity stunt from hell. But for the good of her book, she agrees to share her beachfront home with the impossibly sexy bad-boy actor starring in the film version of her story. Any other woman would die to be in her sandals, but Kirsten isn’t falling for Rylan North. Seducing an audience is his job. So why is he so desperately pretending to want her?

From the moment they meet, Rylan knows that Kirsten will be the star of his real-life love story. He is determined to discover what tragedy holds this passionate woman back from a second chance at love even if it costs him his career—and his life. But first Rylan must coax Kirsten to act on her instincts—and to trust the flesh-and-blood man behind the fantasy.


Chapter One

"I let myself in.”

He hadn’t known she wore eyeglasses until her head snapped up at the unexpected sound of his voice. She whipped them off and dropped them on the stack of manuscript pages lying on the Queen Anne desk in front of her. Her red pen, too, fell from her...
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“Brown’s novels define the term ‘page-turner.’ "—Booklist