When the Gods Changed

The Death of Liberal Canada

Publisher: Vintage Canada

The May 2, 2011 federal election turned Canadian governance upside down and inside out. In his newest and possibly most controversial book, Peter C. Newman argues that the Harper majority will alter Canada so much that we may have to change the country's name. But the most lasting impact of the Tory win, he writes, will be the demise of the Liberal Party, which ruled Canada for seven of the last ten decades and made the country what it is. Newman chronicles, in bloody detail, the deconstruction of the Grits' once unassailable fortress and anatomizes the ways in which the arrogance embedded in the Liberal genetic code slowly poisoned their former progressive impulses.
     When the Gods Changed is the saga of a political self-immolation unequalled in Canadian history. It took Michael Ignatieff to light the match.


Despite Michael Ignatieff’s best efforts—and at times he was unexpectedly impressive—when the 2011 election was called, the Grits were already dying.
This book has two purposes. The first is to reconstruct the Liberal party’s Ferris-wheel experience under the stewardship...
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"The finest journalist of his generation.... An important, timely and engaging book.... The only certainty of Canada, now and forever, is that the tireless Peter C. Newman will be there to tell our story." The Globe and Mail
"Reading a Peter C. Newman book is a bit like gobbling a delicious box of holiday chocolates: the writing is always rich with tasty anecdotes. The former Maclean's editor's phrases have a way of tickling the senses, and once you begin, it's often impossible to stop until you reach the very end." The Georgia Straight
"Verbally brilliant and devastating...colourful, highly readable." The Intelligencer (Belleville)