The Uterine Health Companion

A Holistic Guide to Lifelong Wellness

Publisher: Celestial Arts
The uterus is a remarkable organ—it is our first home, contributes to women’s sexual pleasure, houses some of the strongest muscles in the body, and even helps prevent heart disease and high blood pressure. However, in the West, the uterus has generally been viewed as insignificant beyond reproduction and rarely receives our attention except when it becomes problematic or when we focus on getting pregnant or giving birth. Even though health-promoting strategies for organs like the heart and lungs have become common knowledge, preventative measures for lifelong uterine health have been largely absent from Western medical care. Consequently, one-third of all women in the United States will have a hysterectomy--the highest rate in the world.
In The Uterine Health Companion, anthropologist and holistic health expert Eve Agee reveals that women in many non-Western societies do not share our high rates of benign uterine problems or our negative attitudes about the uterus. Drawing on her research with women in the United States and abroad, Agee shows how traditional practices from other cultures can help create lasting health so that issues such as PMS, fibroids, and endometriosis do not have to be our destiny as women. Through poignant narratives as well as global insights, the book inspires us to develop new understandings about health and healing that affirm all women.
The Uterine Health Companion demonstrates why the uterus matters and how we can take care of it, from menarche to menopause—and beyond. A comprehensive holistic plan including nutrition, exercise, and visualization guides us to promote uterine wellness and enhance conventional medical therapies. Chapters dedicated to specific uterine issues illustrate how to support our health through simple daily practices and fundamental attitude shifts in our relationship to our bodies. The book also includes strategies for women who have had hysterectomies. This empowering resource offers a prescriptive, balanced approach to developing and maintaining optimal uterine health, for every woman at any stage of life.

Award-Winner, "Health: Women's Health" category, 2011 International Book Awards 


Chapter One
Holistic Health Foundations
As a young girl, you might have giggled, squirmed, or looked away as you learned about the female reproductive system in school. Many of our mothers rarely shared much additional knowledge about “what goes on down there” except to tell us how to...
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The Uterine Health Companion is good medicine. Because it’s written from the perspective of a medical anthropologist with cross-cultural experience, it highlights how very skewed the Western medical view of the uterus really is. I highly recommend this book.”
—Christiane Northrup, MD, author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

"As an Ob/Gyn physician, I work with many women in healing their hormones and the effects on their uterus.  The Uterine Health Companion has become a resource for healing, hope, and understanding for so many women. I highly recommend this book to every woman.  Dr. Eve Agee has such insight and gives sound guidance that will absolutely intrigue you."
-Dr. Anna Cabeca, OB/GYN and Author

"In The Uterine Health Companion by Dr. Eve Agee, women learn the importance of the uterus in personal balance: emotionally, physically, and in harmony with the essence of how their bodies interact with the universe. Key points are deep breathing, visualization, and a gentle, positive, encouraging attitude. Hat's off to Dr. Agee for tackling the historical subject of the uterus that is engraved on cave walls, especially because of the alarming rate of hysterectomies in the USA, and the number of invisible yet inwardly distraught women who unfairly and mercilessly carry the loss of their womb within their own fibre. Highly recommended for all menstruating women, peri-menopausal women, and women contemplating a hysterectomy. For those who have already had a hysterectomy, Uterine Health is the first solution I have seen that addresses the root of the problem, and equally important, it offers a viable option that can put a woman and her femininity back on track, so that she can finally heal, and then go on with the rest of her life. This book offers hope, and life-transforming hope at that."
 - Dr. Margaret Aranda, MD Physician and Author