The Real Life Body Book

A Young Woman's Complete Guide to Health and Wellness

Publisher: Celestial Arts

When you have questions about your health, you want answers from a trustworthy source. In The Real Life Body Book, a Harvard ob-gyn has joined forces with a humor writer to explain the full range of health issues facing young women today. This comprehensive and authoritative guide focuses on whole body wellness and prevention, from the skin (acne, piercing, tattooing) and the head (mental health, hormones, stress) to the bones, heart, and stomach (diet and digestion), plus sex and reproductive wellness. If you’re between the ages of twenty-one and thirty-five and you want the latest facts about your health in a language you can understand, The Real Life Body Book is the go-to resource for keeping your body healthy today and for the rest of your life.


stress and your body
Does it stress you out to know that stress can kill you?

    You know the feeling. You have ten important things to do but time to do
only one. Then one more thing gets added—meeting the boyfriend’s family,...
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The Real Life Body Book provides readers with a single, definitive resource on the needs and functions of the body, and teaches young women good self-care practices that will help protect their future health.”
—Taste For Life, August 2010

“This book is honest, frank, smart, and easy to understand. Owning it is a must.”
—Nancy L. Snyderman, MD, NBC News chief medical editor and associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania
“I predict this will be the current generation’s Our Bodies, Ourselves. The awesome talents of Ricciotti and Spencer [are] brought to bear on the hardest question of the day: how to provide young women with accurate and helpful health and wellness advice that is interesting and engaging enough to want to read. They have nailed it.”
—Paul F. Levy, CEO, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
The Real Life Body Book is a treasure trove of information. Packed with up-to-date, accurate, and essential information for the young woman eager to know how to stay healthy and happy, it is beautifully balanced with humor and warmth.”
—Alice D. Domar, PhD, executive director, Domar Center for Mind/Body Health