A Tipsy Quest for the World's Best Bargain Wines

Publisher: Anchor Canada

Written with the trademark wit and verve that has earned MacLean a devoted international following as well as myriad awards for her wine writing, Unquenchable is much more than a shopping list for the thrifty tippler. Packed with colourful stories about the obsessive characters who inhabit the world of wine, the book takes readers on a whirlwind journey to the mountainside vineyards of Germany, the baked red earth of Australia, and the shady verandahs of Niagara--as well as to gorgeous, offbeat locations in southern Italy, the Mediterranean, Argentina, Chile and South Africa--all in search of the best value bottles the world has to offer. Inevitably, she discovers some truly awful wines along the way, but that just gives her an opportunity to provide readers with practical advice about wine faults to be wary of, as well as insights into the shortcuts some producers take.

Unquenchable is a book both wine novices and experts will love.


The question I’m asked most often: “What’s your favourite wine?” My answer: “The one someone else pays for.” The second question I’m asked is, “Can you recommend a great wine that costs less than $5?” Answer: “Not unless all you want is a wet tongue.”
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Praise for Unquenchable
"A book that is part armchair travel, part memoir and part wine class--without ever being overtly instructional."
—Calgary Herald

"MacLean's new book brings valuable information stripped away of the pretense and/or technical minutiae of more encyclopedic wine-related volumes. Instead of dry, data-heavy writing, MacLean infuses the book with luscious prose."
—Ottawa Citizen