King and King

Publisher: Tricycle Press
The Crown Kitty
and Friends
Cordially Invite You
to Celebrate
a Royal Wedding

Reception to follow
in the Royal Gardens

Bring Lots of Presents


On the tallest mountain above the town lived a queen,
the young crown prince,
and the crown kitty.

The queen had ruled for many long years and she was tired of it.
She made up her mind that the prince would marry
and become king before
the end of the summer.

“Wake up!”...
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“Indeed a book whose time has come, this is no pusillanimous bibliotherapy; it is, rather, a joyful celebration that at the same time firmly challenges the assumptions established and perpetuated by the entire canon of children’s picture books. Hurrah to newcomers de Haan and Nijland and to the publisher for bringing them to an American audience.”
—Starred review, Kirkus Reviews

“Progressive . . . inclusive . . . exuberant collage-flecked art.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“A great book to teach young readers about same-sex couples.”
Philadelphia Gay News

“[A] modern tale of happily-ever-after.” —NAPRA Review