The Handless Maiden

Publisher: Doubleday Canada
Robbed of her career as a concert pianist due to a tragic childhood accident, Mariah Standhoffer is compelled to seek alternate means of artistic expression, eventually achieving renown as a composer. Mariah's shattered life turns on a series of complex relationships with others who have suffered damage in their lives — particularly Doug and Sully, challengers for her love. These vividly realized characters, like Mariah, learn to make opportunity out of accident and ultimately find dignity in compassion.Raw, often heart-wrenching, but also an exhilarating read, The Handless Maiden is an audacious and triumphant début.


We are all curious about the effect of our crossroads decisions. The paths detoured or missed by choice and circumstance—where might they have led? Change one thing in the course of a lifetime and someone's idyllic childhood becomes someone else's nightmare.As long as we place limiting labels on ourselves, we will...
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"Brown is a consummate storyteller ... The Handless Maiden is a big, exuberant novel with a generous heart, which loves life and everything in it." —The Globe and Mail

"Compelling ... It may be the kind of novel that's been missing from the Canadian publishing scene." —Quill & Quire