How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

The Universal Don't of Dating

Publisher: Bantam
How can anyone possibly doom a relationship in just 10 days?

Here is a laugh-out-loud, dead-on send up of all of those bad habits members of the dating game need to break in order to get a life--er,...a relationship. If these sound familiar, you too can be a member of the club, because you are halfway to losing your guy!

Do you:Have sex on the first night you meet?Start calling him your boyfriend the next morning?Maybe drive by your house?Ask him if you are fat?Stalk him more?Memorize all the words to his favorite CDs?Call all his friends for advice (on the second day of your "relationship")? Rules, Schmules--this is what really goes on between men and women in the 90's. Here is everything you need to know to go all the way--in just 10 days.