Never Look Away

Publisher: Seal Books
Linwood Barclay is back with more unexpected twists and superb characters in a spine-tingling, mesmerizing thriller about a husband whose wife disappears, along with everything he thought he knew about their life together.

David Harwood, a reporter in Promise Falls, New York, is stressed out. The newspaper he works for is outsourcing jobs to India, he can't get a solid lead on the corrupt for-profit prison moving to town, and his wife, Jan, is struggling with a bout of depression. As a much-needed break, David and Jan decide to take their four-year-old son, Ethan, to a local amusement park for a day of ice cream, rollercoasters, and carefree fun. But revelry is quickly replaced by panic when, within an hour of arriving at the park, Ethan goes missing. Though he is soon found, panic escalates to full-blown terror when Jan suddenly disappears. Confused and worried, David finds himself desperately searching for any clue that could lead him to his wife - even if it means unraveling a tangle of lies and deception that become more complicated at every turn.

From the Hardcover edition.


“I’m scared,” Ethan said.
“There’s nothing to be scared about,” I said, turning away from the steering wheel and reaching an arm back to free him from the kiddie seat. I reached under the pad where he’d been resting his arms and undid the...
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"Moves at the speed of a downhill racer."
—The Globe and Mail

Praise for Linwood Barclay:
"Canada's current thriller king."
National Post

"What a story! Holds the reader in a tight grip, as good and evil match wits and wiles. Barclay pushes the envelope of suspense to the edge and beyond, offering a revealing peek into the human psyche, exploring every parent's worst fear. This is imaginative and scintillating, and you'll enjoy every page."
— Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author of The Charlemagne Pursuit"Affecting and effective … [Barclay] hit the international best-seller lists last year with his first thriller, No Time for Goodbye. Too Close to Home shows him in even better form."
The Wall Street Journal

"A terrific page-turner that keeps you in suspense until the very end. If you like Harlan Coben, you'll love Linwood Barclay."
— Peter Robinson, author of Friend of the Devil

"Just flies off the page. It's a one-sit thriller."
— Michael Connelly, New York Times bestselling author of The Brass Verdict

"A high-speed emotional roller-coaster. The surprises will leave you breathless."
— Robert Crais, New York Times bestselling author of Chasing Darkness

"A terrifically fast-paced suspense story."
The Washington Post

From the Hardcover edition.