I Am Half-Sick of Shadows

Publisher: Anchor Canada

Colonel de Luce, in desperate need of funds, rents his beloved estate of Buckshaw to a film company. They will be shooting a movie over the Christmas holidays, filming scenes in the decaying manse with a reclusive star. She is widely despised, so it is to no one's surprise when she turns up murdered, strangled by a length of film from her own movies! With a blizzard raging outside and Buckshaw locked in, the house is full of suspects. But Flavia de Luce is more than ready to put aside her investigations into the true identity of Father Christmas to solve this yuletide country-house murder.


Tendrils of raw fog floated up from the ice like agonized spirits departing their bodies. The cold air was a hazy, writhing mist.
Up and down the long gallery I flew, the silver blades of my skates making the sad scraping sound of a butcher’s knife being sharpened energetically on stone. Beneath the icy...
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1. How does Alan Bradley use the closed world of the Buckshaw Manor as a varied and intricate setting for this novel? Think about how events take place in very specific locations within it—the Blue Bedroom, the library, the foyer, the drawing room, even one of the bathrooms. And what are we to think about what...

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Praise for I Am Half-Sick of Shadows
"A thrilling ride. Out of a creaky old mansion, he conjures a vivid and vivacious story--and yes, raises a few old ghosts, too. . . . Delicious, lighthearted holiday read best served by a crackling fireplace with warm eggnog - but please, hold the noxious compounds."
—The Globe and Mail