They’re Not Your Friends

A Novel

Publisher: Crown
Look Out for Falling Stars

Charlotte “Lottie” Love has a thing for celebrity. Actually, it’s more of an obsession. All her life she’s lurked in the shadows of Hollywood, desperate to step into the light. When she lands a job at Personality magazine, her dreams of red-carpet strolls, popping flashbulbs, and the attention of white-hot heartthrobs finally start to come true. Even Hollywood’s latest “It” boy falls for her, and everyone wants his story. Can Lottie score the scoop? Ask Lem Brac, a British boozehound in the twilight of a mediocre career who knows an exclusive with the It boy would save his job. Lem looks for help from his new (and only) friend—Mike Posner, a young hotshot reporter just hired away from a New York tabloid. But Mike has some damaging secrets himself that are about to surface. He needs the interview too, and it’s anyone’s guess how far he’ll go to get it.

Welcome to the world of entertainment journalism and star worship, where you’re only as good as the gossip you dig up. Written by a former People magazine correspondent who knows the underbelly of Hollywood hearsay all too well, They’re Not Your Friends slips past the velvet rope and grants access to a wickedly funny—and sometimes scary—celebrity magazine scene.

From the Trade Paperback edition.


It was better than she'd imagined. There was applause, some whistling, even a couple of standing ovations. Lottie's heart hammered at her ribs. She closed her eyes and inhaled, opened and exhaled. She pushed out an enormous fluorescent smile.

"Hello, my name is Lottie Love, and I'm . . . well, it's so hard...
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“Hilarious, poignant, and so true to life it’s frightening, They’re Not Your Friends is a very entertaining Hollywood novel and the perfect summer read.” —Robin Lynn Williams, author of The Assistants

“A hilarious, from-the-heart debut.” —Melissa Senate, author of See Jane Date and Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?

From the Trade Paperback edition.