Dear Papa

Publisher: Candlewick
"The letters are personal and immediate, and the story is full of details that evoke the historical period. . . . The simple words grab your heart."

It’s a good thing nine-year-old Isabelle is learning to write letters at school, because she has a lot to write to Papa about after he dies. Her sisters have boyfriends, little Ida hardly remembers Papa, and Ian is mad to be left with a house full of females. As for Mama, she’s tired with a capital T — and what’s worse, she’s sending Isabelle to live with her aunt and uncle. Now who will stop little Ida from calling Mama’s boss "Papa"? Set during World War II, this novel-in-letters follows a young girl learning to cope with the loss of her father — with a loyal heart, an independent attitude, and an unforgettable way with words.


February 23

Dear Papa,

I'm sorry I wasn't nice in my last letter. I know you didn't die on purpose. I wish you were here to send me to my room for back talk. Aunt Jaye and Uncle Bernard never punish me. They think everything I do is cute. I'm nine and more than a half for pity's sake!

I want to...
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