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Nothing but Victory

The Army of the Tennessee, 1861-1865

Publisher: Vintage
Composed almost entirely of Midwesterners and molded into a lean, skilled fighting machine by Ulysses S. Grant and William Tecumseh Sherman, the Army of the Tennessee marched directly into the heart of the Confederacy and won major victories at Shiloh and at the rebel strongholds of Vicksburg and Atlanta.Acclaimed historian Steven Woodworth has produced the first full consideration of this remarkable unit that has received less prestige than the famed Army of the Potomac but was responsible for the decisive victories that turned the tide of war toward the Union. The Army of the Tennessee also shaped the fortunes and futures of both Grant and Sherman, liberating them from civilian life and catapulting them onto the national stage as their triumphs grew. A thrilling account of how a cohesive fighting force is forged by the heat of battle and how a confidence born of repeated success could lead soldiers to expect “nothing but victory.”


Grant’s Army
Chapter One
Raising an Army

"Red snow fell near Iowa City,” reported the Des Moines Sunday Register on March 5, 1861. Editor George Mills hastened to explain that the color was caused by fine flakes of reddish clay mixed with the precipitation. Wind had swept dust into...
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“Truly impressive. . . . Woodworth has described with clarity and vigor the tactical actions in such battles as Shiloh, Champion Hill and Atlanta.” –The New York Review of Books

“Impressive. . . .To learn about the Civil War in the Western Theater through the service of its principal Union army, this is the book to read.” –The Charleston Post and Courier

“The best one-volume history written to date of a Civil War field army. . . . Combines] impeccable scholarship and comfortable style.” –Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Exhaustively researched and compellingly readable. . . . Stunning. . . . A resounding success..”–Boston Edge